LOCAL Organic LawnCare (LOL)

Coming to the Tobacco Valley this summer 2021!

I love to mow lawns! It’s totally my guilty pleasure.

This summer I would be delighted to help you grow an earth friendly lawn that’s easy to care for and looks good too!

Introducing myself! I’m JackieMarie Beyer and for the last 6 years, yes 6! I’ve been host to the GREEN Organic Garden Podcast where I’ve been interviewing backyard gardeners, sustainable ag experts, and organic lawn care providers, among others and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s healthy gardens and lawns start with a healthy ecosystem.

Whether you want a yard for the kids to practice catch on or a place for your pup to play fetch, a few key practices will make your landscape thrive.

Incorporating native plants, herbs and flowers that lure in beneficial insects, feeding the pollinators from March through November, and making sure your grass grows tall and strong with deep roots to help it get the right amount of water all make a huge difference in what it looks like.

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